Why Rescribe for Doctors?

Rescribe for Doctors is a complete solution for OPD management. Data intelligence recognises patterns and automatically prepares data for smoother operations. We understand that not every doctor follows the same process so there are customised templates for every speciality like orthopaedic, dermatology and many more. Rescribe has an offline version too, making sure there is no hindrance due to connectivity.

Rescribe is equipped with features that enable an OPD to streamline the workflow and enable paperless functioning. It also has features that represent affected areas in a pictorial manner. There is a Dermatome, Myotome and an entire human body representation of affected areas, making it easier for the doctors to explain to the patients. The entire system is interactive and convenient. It indirectly monetises time by optimising the use of resources and maximising the outcomes.

Customize templates accordingly

Access, even when offline

Enhanced Patient Care

Simplify follow-up routine

Precise data safety policies

Increases patient retention

Patient engagement abilities

Organization made easier

Mobile app for quicker access


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Customize templates accordingly. Define your treatment process. Access, even when offline.

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